Josh Woo




´╗┐Josh Woo is an international Award-Winning Cinematographer and Director. His work ranges from narratives to commercials. Along with his film degree from DePaul University, he is a member of the Malaysian Society of Cinematographers (MYSC) and has worked with many studio productions.

| Owner/Operator of studio NEON 35

Owner of cameras, lights & equipment

| Press - Filmtools / Chicago Creatives / New Straits Times / WOB




NBCU, McDonalds, AirAsia, Arby's, Goose Island, Groupon, Netflix, Unilever, Nivea, Citibank, Grab, CNN, OBSCR, UPTV, Nobu, Libresse, Clinique, Lux, Lazada, KLIA, Sunway, Great Big Story, LEYE, PAWS, Actualize Co., Inspired Interiors, Home Chef, Art Institute of Chicago...


US: +18722330191 | MY: +601127839304