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Cinematography Analysis

Cinematography Analysis is a blog where I break down my cinematography & technical specs for the films that I shoot.


HNY is a narrative short directed by Elliott Chu.
This film was a road trip drama about a poet who was sad, I chose to shoot in a cleaner style to accentuate the sadness.
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The film was to cut back and forth between flashbacks and present time, so the director and I chose to make intentional stylistic choices. Present day scenes were shot handheld and sharp to show the shaky reality in the current time, we drew inspiration from Blue Valentine for that. Flashback sequences were steady on sticks & shot with a Pro Mist filters to show that the past has happened in a certain way and is a little foggy. I shot it in a 1.85:1 ratio to keep it down to earth.


Keeping the flashbacks and present day different was very important in HNY. I lit the flashbacks mostly with a single toned color, and the present day scenes with more mixed lights to show that reality is messy. 

Present Day


We had a lot of travelling and road scenes. This was really fun for me to get more framing & composition in. I shot a lot of wides with Elliot (Main Character) very tiny in the frame to show that he was moving around in this wide world and he was small.

Sequence 02.00_01_43_03.Still012.jpg
Sequence 02.00_01_39_01.Still011.jpg

In terms of lenses, I wanted to create the world to move around Elliot. I shot wide open on my Sigma lenses which are really sharp. Shooting 4K also provided a better color space.


Sony FS5
Sigma Art Lenses
4K, SLog2
Lit entirely with LEDs, Quasars & Dracasts

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