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Cinematography Analysis

Cinematography Analysis is a blog where I break down my cinematography & technical specs for the films that I shoot.


EVENTUAL BLINDNESS is a narrative short directed by Malachi Pulte.
The story was a very real and moving drama so I decided to stick to classic cinema styles.


This short was story heavy and performance based, I wanted to keep the colors grounded and make the actors stand out when they need to and blend in when the world knocked them down. The film was shot in a 2:35:1 ratio.


I wanted to keep the characters and their story the priority in this film, so I shot on very shallow DOFs. The Zeiss glass I used opened up to F/1.4 which was helpful all around. 

There was a lot of dialogue and one character never which really listened to others, I decided to short sight (giving no look room) him in my framing. 

I generally use a lot of cinema lights in my films but I decided to use more practicals in this one. Reason being I wanted the world to look more real and depressing. Most of the lighting was classic orange and blue. There was one shot that was heavily reliant on lights which was a moonlight shot; that shot itself was a changing point for the character so it felt fitting.

There was a character that was blind in some scenes of the film, and I decided to take his eye light away for the scenes where he was blind.


Sony FS5

Zeiss Primes - 28, 50, 85mm

4K, XAVCHD, Cine Gamma 3

Josh Woo