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Cinematography Analysis

Cinematography Analysis is a blog where I break down my cinematography & technical specs for the films that I shoot.


THE CHAMBER is an experimental short directed by Elliott Chu.
As it was very experimental, I decided to try new styles to match the director's vision.
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This short had 'Butoh' dance sequences after each scene that represented what the main character had gone through.
The vision was for the film to be finished in 1:1 ratio, black and white except in key moments. 


The inspiration for the visual style came from the Polish movie 'Ida', which was shot in black and white with extreme framing. As such, my framing was to place the actors in corners based on the emotion they were currently going through. I also created a lot of dead space above all the characters to emphasize on how grounded they are to this world as they each try to escape it.

The lighting changed from scene to scene, while keeping up with the constant hard 4:1 contrast when indoors. The initial plan was to shoot all my lights through colored glass to create spectrums, but as it came down to the tests it turned out I needed a lot more glass in order to achieve that. In turn, the lighting changed to more directional & snooted lights. Lots of fog was used to emulate the characters' emotions.

Even though this was to be finished in black and white, I still used colors to help achieve the type of shade I wanted. For bathroom scenes, yellow was my go to for a very 'pale' look.


Sony FS5

Rokinon Primes (28, 35, 50, 85)mm

XAVCHD, Cine Gamma 3

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