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Cinematography Analysis

Cinematography Analysis is a blog where I break down my cinematography & technical specs for the films that I shoot.


CUPID CAMP is a narrative short directed by Eagle Liao
This film was in the fantasy genre with a touch of drama so I wanted to provide a more grandeur look.


In order to keep a very lighthearted fantastical look, I decided to imitate older dramas. The director's vision was for the actors (angels) to dress in white, so it was easy to make them stand out in camera. Everything was slightly exaggerated from saturated colors to high key lighting. Keeping to my preferred choice of ratio, this was shot in 2:35:1.


The most important thing for keeping this film to look like fantasy to me was making everything softer and diffused. I had Pro Mist filters and lots of fog/hazer machines playing in the shots to achieve this. A lot of the shots were steady and smooth to emphasize on the feeling of being in a fantasy-like state. We were on sticks and the dana dolly most of the time. The one handheld scene was when the actor had to make an active decision that would affect his life in the story to show conflict.

We got the chance to use digital sputnik lights for this film, which was great. We could change the color of the lights on the go and it was just an amazing piece of technology overall to work with. I made a short video showcasing it after we wrapped on set!

Most of this film was shot in the exterior. The only interior scenes were in 'heaven'.

I kept the lighting plan pretty minimal as we did not have the biggest location, so my best option was to cheat it with lots of fog to hide the space. The director had envisioned a more contrasty heaven; the sputniks would then create a direct light cutting through the fog.

It certainly helped that the actors were dressed in white, giving me the light bounce I needed overall.

There was a quite a number of car scenes so I used a polarizing filter to see through the reflections. 


Sony FS5

Zeiss Primes - 28, 35, 50, 85mm


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