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Cinematography Analysis

Cinematography Analysis is a blog where I break down my cinematography & technical specs for the films that I shoot.


All My Friends Are Vampires is a narrative comedy with a touch of fantasy directed by Kate Learson. This film was about "vampires" in life; I shot it in a brighter and more dreamier way to accentuate the comedy and fantasy.


The film had multiple story plots with different characters. The director had wanted to show many intercuttable scenes, so I kept the cinematography style consistent throughout the movie. She also had different mood comps for different scenes, ranging from Nashville (1975) for restaurant scenes to A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014) for vampire scenes. I kept my consistency with a general push for color saturation and Pro Mist filters for a dreamy fantastical look.


With lots of comedic dialogue going on, I did not want my shots to take the focus away from the dialogue, but instead to add to it. I kept the lighting simple and the actors in focus with everything else blurred in the background.

For the moody scenes involving vampires, I wanted to raise the tension a little more visually. I lit it more contrasty and used more unnatural lighting (non-daylight, reds, oranges, yellows) to emphasize that this reality is messed up. I also shot handheld for most of the vampire scenes after their reveals to add to the shaky reality.

In terms of gear, I used a set of vintage lenses to give a more interesting look to the film. I was using my set of Vivitars and Helios lenses that played very nicely. They fall slightly soft at the edge of frame and give a more fantastical look to life.

I lit this mostly with LEDs and practicals for a faster and lighter workflow. My gaffer helped to make our comedic and dramatic lighting play harsher and softer when they needed to.


Sony FS5  
Vintage Lenses (Vivitar, Helios)
LEDs, Practicals, Tungsten heads

Josh Woo